Ricoh/Savin Pro 7100X Series

Ricoh Savin 7100 X Serise

RICOH Pro C7100/7100X Series offers cutting-edge technology that allow you to print pieces that truly stick out from the crowd. Read on to find out more about it's new line of digital color production systems, or contact us directly to talk about bringing one of these beauties into your office by filling out the form below!

Enhanced Color and Image Quality

Enhance Color and Image Quality from Ricoh Savin 7100 X Serise

  • Use less toner while improving color density and saturation
  • Reduce operating costs when you use Ricoh's PxP-EQ chemical toner - it melts at a lower temperature, meaning you will use less energy in the printing process
  • Achieve 1200 x 4800 dpi image resolution

Expanded Media Options

Expanded Media Options from Ricoh Savin 7100 X Serise

  • Leverage fold-out direct mail, brochures, posters, book wraps, packaging, and more!
  • Design and print documents up to 13" x 49"
  • Affordably produce marketing materials on specialty media such as magnetic direct mail postcards, store window displays, and promotional decals

5th Color Technology

Clear Toner

Clear Toner from Ricoh Savin 7100 X Serise

  • Stand out from the crowd when you use Ricoh's clear toner to enhance your product photography and brand logos
  • Utilize clear toner as a cost-effective security method - apply unique patterns on your certificates or coupons!

White Toner

White Toner Samples from Ricoh Savin 7100 X Serise

  • Use white toner to achieve dramatic effects on transparencies and dark colored media
  • Produce window clings, decals, and light box trasparencies in smaller quantities

Neon Yellow Toner

Neon Yellow Toner from Ricoh Savin 7100 X Serise

  • Yellow toner is ideal for branding, safety applications, packaging, or highlighting promotions
  • Achieve this neon color in one pass, thus reducing drying time, and minimizing labor