Insurance & Finance Technology Lunch

What We Covered:

Client Communication and Engagement:

In a crowded market such as insurance or finance, you need to grab your audience’s attention or someone else will. Production print equipment gives you the ability to create your own impactful, “break through the clutter” materials in house through the use of: advanced color matching and clear toner options, endless media options, and professional finishing options.

For a 48% increase in repeat orders, send your customers something customized to their unique preferences or lifestyle. With Variable Data Printing, you are able to change text and images on a printed piece through the use of a simple spreadsheet.  

Document Distribution:

Streamline your critical print processes with efficient workflow solutions such as hot folders, presets, and the ability to scan to sub folders. By shifting outsourced work in-house, your firm will achieve shorter run lengths, eliminate the need to buy in bulk, and a reduced potential for wasted extra prints. And with automated workflows found on production equipment, there is no need for a dedicated print operator – anyone can print important documents.

See ten reasons to bring your print production in house with Advance’s infographic:

Security and Compliance:

Insurance and Financial Organizations are founded on managing risk. Technology solutions need to support security and compliance requirements such as the Patriot Act and HIPAA laws. Production print equipment provides advanced security through the use of control panel authentication, print log reports, hard disk drive overwrite, and address book restrictions.

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