Protecting the Brand You’ve Worked So Hard to Create

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It’s a common scenario: you spend countless hours working with an agency or graphic artist to create the perfect logo to represent your brand, only to find once it enters the four walls of your organization, its degradation begins. In an ideal world, the graphics police would filter each and every page that comes out of your multifunctional device to ensure that your mark is always reproduced as it was originally intended, right down to the proper CMYK simulation of your precious Pantone. Since that is not the reality, we’ve compiled a few tips to help your logo look its best.

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Streamline Expenses in Q1 with Canon’s UniFLOW-Part I

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Canon UniFlow

Awhile back, Advance President, Jeff Elkin, shared his thoughts about the key considerations when choosing a technology partner. As Jeff pointed out, the driving force should be trust. At Advance, we build on that trust by providing recommendations focused on helping organizations achieve two primary outcomes: increased productivity and reduced expenses. Who doesn’t want to streamline expenses, especially in the first quarter?

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Here’s Windows 8!

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As you may know, Windows 8 was released last month to the public. If you’ve had a chance to play with the new operating system you quickly notice that many changes have taken place since Windows 7, especially on the front-end. The new metro interface is loved by some and hated by others. Design objections aside, the plain fact is that it’s likely here to stay since the primary motive for the evolution is to keep Windows consistent among PCs, phones, and tablets.

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Mobile printing demo

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Mobile printing is changing and evolving daily – it just keeps getting better and easier to print from your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and many other mobile devices. Check out the latest in the mobile printing software world from Savin/Ricoh, Canon and KIP.

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Stop the Vicious Email Cycle, Collaborate with Google Docs

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As ubiquitous as Google is these days, some of its lesser known features are worth some attention, especially when it comes to file sharing and collaborating on projects. Like many people, I was accidentally introduced to Google Docs when I inadvertently selected the “open as a Google spreadsheet” option on an Excel attachment I had in one of my Gmail emails. My Excel file opened in my Web browser, and unimpressed, I closed it right away reverting to my old method of saving the file to my Desktop. About a month later, I did it again with an updated version of the same Excel file, only this time to realize that the file I had opened a few weeks ago was stored in my account.

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Intrigued, I had to know more. I didn’t save that there…did I? Come to find out, I did.

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Making Sense of Mobile Printing

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Mobile printing has really taken off within the past year or so and now the market is flooded with various options. As a consumer it can be challenging to make the software comparison and choose the right option for your company. Advance has taken away most of the guesswork and offer many solutions to help with your mobile integration. Read more »

Wide Format Software Enhancements

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wide format printing, KIP print, mobile wide format printing
I was speaking with a colleague of mine a few weeks back who mentioned that our wide format offerings could use more blog space.  With KIP launching some new software products not that long ago I can’t think of a better time to put this out so here it goes…

If you are a current Wide Format client with Advance then you will really want to tune in on this one.  KIP has beefed up two of its main software applications not only to increase functionality but also ease of use.  KIP Request has long been the network printing application used by KIP and really had some great features.  Merging, reducing/enlarging, collating, scanning, etc., was a snap through Request and really took the task out of job submittal.  All of that was just made even easier with the release of KIP Print.   Read more »

Mobile Printing Solutions – can you print from your iPad?

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In the new technology era, mobile devices and tablets are becoming the norm for office workers. But how can you print from these devices without the traditional challenge of forwarding documents to someone at a laptop or desktop with networked printing capability?  EFI PrintMe Mobile is the latest solution to the mobile printing challenge. In this VLog, I’ll show you how the solution works and how simple it is to print from your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Let us know if you want a live demo and we can set you up.


Ricoh Fiery Devices Offering Mobile Enhancements

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As the public demand for mobile printing solution continues to grow, manufacturers are putting effort in developing solutions that “just work.” When attaching to your company network with and iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or other handheld, it only seems right that you would be presented with options to print. Right? There are many solutions out there and all have different features but newer Ricoh devices such as the MP-C3502 coupled with the EFI E-3300 Fiery can help you accomplish this goal.

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Leverage Your Technology Investment Through Ongoing Training

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training, hardware solutions, native functionality business machines, native software MFD

There are many reasons to partner with Advance – The Document Specialists for your document output needs. One key differentiator of Advance is the fact that we provide our clients with no cost, ongoing hardware training for the life of their equipment. This is just one example of how working with Advance is an unmatched experience, compared to getting what could be the exact same product from another vendor. Because the machines we sell are not unique to us, we are committed to making sure our clients get the highest level of value, including the best service in the industry. Read more »