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Utilize Ricoh/Savin’s 5th Color Printing Station at Your Business!

You may have heard of Ricoh/Savin’s 5th Color Printing Station, available on the outstanding C7100X series production printer. Introduced back in 2015, the 5th Color Station allows you to utilize clear and white toner on your print materials that leave an impactful impression. Marketing professionals everywhere leapt at the chance to integrate these toners into their print strategy–bringing the creation of visually exceptional marketing materials for their business to the next level.

Flash forward to today, and Ricoh/Savin keeps us interested by introducing another toner to its 5th Color Station–neon yellow! Read on for more information regarding Ricoh/Savin’s 5th Color Station capabilities and inspiration.

Click here to learn more about the Ricoh C7100X production printer for your business!

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Print Personalization: Using VDP in Your Print Strategy

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Variable Data Printing, Uses and Strategies for Your Maryland Business

Print Personalization with VDP

Everyone is impatient. We insist on getting what we want, when we want it. On-demand services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime contribute to this culture, creating consumers that want everything customized specifically to their own tastes and preferences.

As a business, how do we play into this trend? Personalization is key.

Personalization is a win/win for everybody involved. By adopting this strategy, your business will collect rich information about your customers and prospects, and your audience, will in turn, have a much more positive interaction with your company.

And the statistics don’t lie…according to Print Shop Mail, with personalization at the helm of your digital and print strategies, companies report a 32% increase in profit, a 35% faster response rate, and a whopping 48% increase in repeat orders.

Convinced? Me, too. Let’s talk about how to adopt a print personalization strategy for your business.

Click here to learn more about utilizing Variable Data Printing at your Maryland business!

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How to Increase Web Traffic from Business Printing

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Designing Your Business’ Print Media to Increase Visitors to Your Website

Increase Web Traffic from Business Printing

“Print is dead.” – We’ve all read this same article time and again for the last twenty years. Seemingly on a mission to prove the naysayers wrong, countless businesses’ print media has stood the test of time as an ever-important branch of their marketing tree. Product brochures and direct mail postcards alike continue to show fantastic results as we trek deeper into the digital era.

To learn more about how Advance can help you independently produce your own print media and marketing materials, click here!

However impressive the return, as 21st century marketers, we can’t just focus on print media… buyers are spending their time online, researching options before contacting suppliers. In fact, 57% of the buyer’s decision-making process is done before they ever reach out to a salesperson. That’s why it is crucial for businesses to sustain healthy, robust websites that educate visitors and convince them that when they are ready to speak with a professional, your company is the one to call.

Increase web visitors through business printing

So, which is more important: your tried and true print mail campaign that continuously brings in calls or maintaining a digital presence that increasingly leads traffic to your website? The truth is, all of our marketing content, traditional and digital, is working together to drive results. Everything is interconnected: the magazine article you published last month leads readers to a related blog post. Your TV commercial sends viewers to a product-specific landing page. Even your email signatures act as a way to capture Facebook followers.

Business printing to generate web leads

We’re all strapped for time, so let’s kill two birds with one stone: let’s use our reliable business printing tactics to drive website traffic from the masses.  Digital strategies and print marketing working together to achieve results rather than splitting the funds, time, and manpower in half to labor over two separate initiatives. Can it be this simple?

Click here to learn how to design your print media to ensure your contacts take action.

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10 Reasons to Bring Print Production In House [INFOGRAPHIC]

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in house print production process

At your company, you are responsible for the production of final, printed, on-brand, professional materials. Whether that is an important customer-wide communication on company letterhead, or your next direct mail piece, you are the one managing the print process.

Right now, you probably outsource at least some of these materials to a print shop. You’re paying thousands a year in costly mark ups in order to achieve the perfect look and feel. Even then, you’re sometimes left wasting stacks of prints because you found an error, or maybe were talked into buying more than you needed to justify the cost of printing. The print shop employees don’t know your brand standards, so sometimes the quality of the piece isn’t exactly what you were hoping for.

Or maybe you’re attempting to run your print jobs on the office-grade copier. Let’s face it- you can’t do everything on your wish list with this equipment, and you’re probably jamming up the workflow of everyone else around you who needs to use the printer as well. You are limited in your choice of paper stock and finishing, and you constantly have to reload the paper tray.

Click here to analyze your company’s production print potential.

Many companies believe that their current print volume does not justify bringing their print production in house as a viable option. Think again- we’ve outlined the top 10 capabilities that your company will gain if you bring your print production in house. Read on to see how in house print production can make your job a lot easier, while allowing you to create more effective, impactful pieces for your business and helping to keep an eye on your bottom line. Read more »

Speed Up Your Workflow with In-Line GBC Punching

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hardware solutions, gbc, binding, in-line finishing, multifunctional devices, Canon, Ricoh, Savin, printers
As the Sales Training Manager for Advance, my role allows me to assist our Account Representatives with sales discovery meetings. Recently, I have attended several client appointments which resulted in Advance solutions for in-line GBC punching on our multifunctional devices (MFD). These systems drastically reduce the time it takes our customers to complete jobs that required binding. The types of GBC punching that we support include Plastic CombBind, Twin Loop WireBind, Color Coil, VeloBind and ProClick.

Click here to see our current hardware options for your business… we’ve moved way beyond copiers!


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Marketing and IT Tie The Knot

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variable data printing with PlanetPress by Objectif Lune
Any company can imprint your name and address on an envelope. But have you ever noticed when a company was truly targeting you based on personal data that they had about you such as gender, shopping preferences, or location? Chances are you have received variably printed mail like this before, or perhaps you didn’t even notice. If executed properly, variable data printing (VDP) can be a pretty powerful, not to mention persuasive, tool. Fortunately, the technology isn’t limited to one application or industry. If the words spreadsheet, database or design are in your office vocabulary, it might be worth looking into how far VDP has come since the days of the archaic mail merge.

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KIP in the Cloud – Wide Format Printing

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wide format printing cloud blueprint printing driverless printing, KIP cloud print, wide format printing baltimore annapolis frederick maryland md

Many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and built in cloud printing options for their devices.  Such options allow MFD (multifunctional device) users to easily print both inside and outside of the local network. KIP is no exception and they have also released some neat features that allow cloud-like printing to their wide format devices. Read more »

Baltimore nonprofits strive for balance

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mfp, multifunctional printers nonprofit, nonprofit publishing, in-house publishing not for profit 501 c 3

My recent travels have brought me to several of our nonprofit clients looking to navigate a tricky world when communicating with potential donors. We have found that many small and mid-sized nonprofits rely on printed materials. Often times, these groups are mailing or distributing information to generate donations and keep their constituents informed on the progress of their mission. Read more »

Orange Coke Cans?! Not with properly optimized color output.

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MFPs optimized color output, quality digital printing, Multifunctional printer performance optimization, toner fusing, linearization, gradation adjustment, fiery print servers

Would it be surprising to you if the Coca-Cola can you just bought from the office vending machine came out burnt orange in color?  Probably.  Coke (like many other companies such as FedEx, Google and even our company, Advance – The Document Specialists) has established very specific colors as part of their brand identity.  They have done this so effectively, that their particular shade of red is often referred to as Coca-Cola red.  In reality, if you’re Coke and your cans mistakenly get produced in burnt orange, they will never be seen by a consumer.  Consistent and accurate color is that important to the company’s branding. Read more »

Taming the document management beast

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Document management can seem overwhelming. Workflow, archival, retrieval – it’s a daunting task that can strike fear in the hearts of IT folks, CFOs and end users. It’s similar to Sloth from the Goonies. Terrifying…until you get to know him. Then, you just can’t live without the loveable lug. At least that’s what Chunk felt at the end of the Goonies adventure.

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