Customer Maryland Management and Jeff Elkin of Advance talk Document Management on MPT

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we really love our customers. And they love us back. The secret sauce (as our president,¬†Jeff Elkin likes to say) is the ability to practice the same dedication, level of service, and high-quality experience from our well-established hardware business (the MFPs and copiers), to the Document Management side of the business. Case in point – Maryland Management¬†Company. When MPT asked us to be a part of the Your Money and Business show in April, we brought one of our document management customers with us (they’re a hardware customer as well). So Bill Szczytko of Maryland management joined Jeff Elkin for a chat about how they now use document management in their office. Here’s Bill’s blog outlining his experience and a clip from the show. Enjoy!

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My First TV Appearance: Talking about Document Management – BSitko

Watch the full episode. See more Your Money and Business.

Document Management means a greener office, electronically secure documents, and a more practical electronic workflow process for your business.

Document Management by Advance

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