Top 10 Benefits of Adopting Managed Print Services for Your Business

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Most organizations have a variety of contracts from several different service providers for their multifunctional devices, printers, software, and supplies. This fragmented approach to buying is inefficient and expensive, but there is a better way!

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services optimizes your print environment to offer visibility into your print spend, a fixed monthly budget, reduction of waste, and increased end user productivity.

Click here to find out how Advance can optimize your print fleet and offer your business up to 40% cost savings!

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Mobile printing demo

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Mobile printing is changing and evolving daily – it just keeps getting better and easier to print from your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and many other mobile devices. Check out the latest in the mobile printing software world from Savin/Ricoh, Canon and KIP.

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Making Sense of Mobile Printing

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Mobile printing has really taken off within the past year or so and now the market is flooded with various options. As a consumer it can be challenging to make the software comparison and choose the right option for your company. Advance has taken away most of the guesswork and offer many solutions to help with your mobile integration. Read more »

Mobile Printing Solutions – can you print from your iPad?

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In the new technology era, mobile devices and tablets are becoming the norm for office workers. But how can you print from these devices without the traditional challenge of forwarding documents to someone at a laptop or desktop with networked printing capability?  EFI PrintMe Mobile is the latest solution to the mobile printing challenge. In this VLog, I’ll show you how the solution works and how simple it is to print from your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Let us know if you want a live demo and we can set you up.


Ricoh Fiery Devices Offering Mobile Enhancements

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As the public demand for mobile printing solution continues to grow, manufacturers are putting effort in developing solutions that “just work.” When attaching to your company network with and iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or other handheld, it only seems right that you would be presented with options to print. Right? There are many solutions out there and all have different features but newer Ricoh devices such as the MP-C3502 coupled with the EFI E-3300 Fiery can help you accomplish this goal.

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How Can I Print from my Mobile Device?

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Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you not to take toys to school with you, but you did it anyway? Today as adults, we continue to bring our toys to work…but instead of bringing a favorite action figure (or babydoll- for the ladies), we are bringing our smart phones and mobile devices to work and it’s a good thing! Bring your own device, or “BYOD” is a philosophy that is quickly spreading in healthcare. The reason we want to bring these devices into the office is because they’ve become our personal problem solvers and integrate our personal lives with our work. Read more »

Hey IT, You Better Get Used to “BYOD”

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With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, today’s workforce is relying more and more on consumer mobile devices to help them in their professional lives. It is not enough to have a company supplied desktop PC, or even a laptop, anymore. End users are now demanding access to business applications and functions from their personal devices, such as an iPhone or an iPad. This “bring your own device” to the office mindset is pushing corporate IT personnel to implement support for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and yes, even BlackBerry, while trying to maintain the company’s security policies for risk mitigation.  Read more »

Mobile still rules in 2012

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I recently attended a technology round table discussion over lunch with a group of IT professionals from the Baltimore/ Washington area.  Not surprisingly, the two main topics of discourse were the Cloud and mobile technology.  I’ll leave the blog feedback on the Cloud to my colleague Kevin O’Brien.  For me, it was the conversation about the future of mobile technologies that was of particular interest. Read more »

Leverage Technology for Automated Deployment

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Here at Advance we are always searching for new ways to automate processes and become more efficient with our day to day tasks. We also like to help our customers do the same by automating simple things like printer deployment and software installations when possible.

Learn how to reduce your company’s print costs by up to 30% by clicking here.


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Advance Your Company’s Print Strategy

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Printer network, doculife line, paper waste inefficient office printing copiers fax

I recently joined a colleague of mine, here at Advance – The Document Specialist, on an appointment to meet with a potential new client. We were granted this opportunity based on the success of a solution that we had implemented in one of their affiliate organizations.  This first meeting was our initial discovery conversation.  It was a chance for us to better understand the current critical business issues that our products and services could help them solve.  While many of our capabilities today focus on electronic document workflow, this particular situation revolved around developing a strategy for managing print output.

Learn how to reduce your company’s print costs by up to 30% by clicking here.


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