Automatic Bates Numbering Machines: What are the Options for My Legal Office?

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Bonus: Download Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting up Your Existing Machine

Bates Stamping on Office Machine

Bates numbering (also called Bates stamping) is used in the legal industry as a method to label and identify legal documents, for easy identification and retrieval. Nearly all American law firms use Bates numbering during the discovery phase of litigation, where a large number of documents need to be referenced and shared. Applying Bates numbering to your legal documents is now easier than ever as office hardware and software evolves to fit the needs of the modern workforce.

Click here to download instructions that detail how to setup automatic Bates numbering on your office machine!

History of Bates Numbering

Bates numbering is named after Edwin G. Bates, who invented the Bates Automatic Numbering Machine in the late 19th century. Each time the Bates machine was pressed down onto a sheet of paper, a rotating, numbering, wheel was moved incrementally. The original Bates machine numbered in a four-digit sequence, ranging from 0000 to 9999. For example, page 178 of a document would be numbered as 0178. Courts and law firms quickly adopted this system.

What is Automatic Bates Numbering Today?

Today, Bates numbering consists of assigning a unique identifier to each page of a document, which may be numeric, or it may contain a combination of letters and numbers (alphanumeric). No longer is a dedicated machine required, as multifunctional devices and software solutions can be used to properly mark both paper and digital images.

Bates Numbering Machines for Your Office

When dealing with copying paper documents, our Canon and Ricoh lines of MFPs allow law firms to apply Bates numbering with customizable alphanumeric values, including leading zeroes, and in several different positions on the page. This functionality is available on smaller office devices through their production machines. Profiles can even be setup to quickly recall commonly used stamping conventions. We also offer Nuances’ eCopy solutions, which allow our clients to apply Bates numbers while scanning paper documents to electronic file formats, such as a PDF.

Automatic Bates Numbering Software

For existing electronic files, Advance offers several Nuance Software products, such as, PDF Pro Office and Personal Paperless Document Manager, which can apply Bates numbering conventions, without even requiring the file to be opened. Further benefits include numbering several different documents sequentially in one easy step, and only numbering a specific page range of a document.

How to Setup Bates Numbering on My Machine

Now that you know your options, it’s time to setup Bates numbering on your office’s machine! Click the button below for step-by-step instructions for how to setup Bates numbering on your Canon or Ricoh device.

Office Equipment for Legal in Maryland

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Flash forward to today, and Ricoh/Savin keeps us interested by introducing another toner to its 5th Color Station–neon yellow! Read on for more information regarding Ricoh/Savin’s 5th Color Station capabilities and inspiration.

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Click here to see our current hardware options for your business… we’ve moved way beyond copiers!


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No, I am not recommending you purchase a compact sport sedan from Audi in the title above. Although, from what I have seen in the TV ads, the Audi A4 does look like fun. I am actually suggesting that businesses can lower their Total Cost of Ownership related to document workflow, with a particular breed of multifunctional device (MFD) referred to as “A4.” This newer category of MFD gets its name from the European standard paper size called A4, which is most similar to the US standard of 8.5 x 11, otherwise known as Letter. So basically, A4 style machines are intended for use in organizations whose primary workflow involves Letter size paper. Yet, most of the devices can handle up to 8.5 x 14 – Legal size, as well.

Click here to see our current hardware options for your business… we’ve moved way beyond copiers!


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As the Sales Training Manager for Advance, my role allows me to assist our Account Representatives with sales discovery meetings. Recently, I have attended several client appointments which resulted in Advance solutions for in-line GBC punching on our multifunctional devices (MFD). These systems drastically reduce the time it takes our customers to complete jobs that required binding. The types of GBC punching that we support include Plastic CombBind, Twin Loop WireBind, Color Coil, VeloBind and ProClick.

Click here to see our current hardware options for your business… we’ve moved way beyond copiers!


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