Taking Printing to the Edge on My Printer

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5 Ways to Achieve a Full Bleed Print Using Your Office Technology

Achieve edge to edge printing on ricoh/savin printer

If I had a penny for every time a customer has said that they “want the image to go right to the edge of the paper,” I’d be a very wealthy man. Full bleed printing is the envy of many, but the reality is that when it comes to doing it in-house, the process is pretty much limited to inkjet technology. Or is it?

As color printing equipment and production print have become more popular and cost effective in the modern office, more and more marketing departments are bringing print jobs in-house. However, whatever equipment they invest in, they are still finding that true full bleed printing is something that is much easier to talk about than to actually achieve.

And what is it with Ricoh/Savin’s “Edge to Edge” print option that does not, in fact, print full bleed? We’ll get to that later…

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Read the manual…you may find hidden features

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Several times over the last few years I have changed models of technology that I use every day, day in and out… phones, TVs, computers, even our cars are technology tools for outside sales representatives. Most of the time I am doing the research and listening to reviews to determine what I need.

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Using statistics to win in business when you’re not the biggest guy in the bid

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Spring is here, which means baseball is creeping back into our minds. Coincidentally, I was recently listening to a podcast about the concepts behind the movie Moneyball. Essentially, a baseball team with fewer resources is forced to look for advantages in building and creating a team in nontraditional and data driven avenues. This approach infuriated the traditionalist baseball people that knew sports were about non measurable qualities or at the very least, the statistics that we had grown up with. Through analysis and a deeper look at the numbers, they were able to see a clear path to a calculated, winning season.

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Do What You Say and Say What You Do

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Some days are better than others. In December I fielded a strange request, a client that I was unfamiliar with called in to cancel their service contract on their fleet of old equipment. The message was relayed to me on the road and I immediately called the account back without having a chance to dig into the files. The young man on the other line quickly connected me to his boss, the CFO of this nonprofit organization. Let’s just say I was quickly brought up to speed on the recent history of our two firms and it was not a warm and fuzzy message. I set up a meeting for the following morning with Tony (the CFO) and went into research mode (History major). Not a great way to end the day…

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Thanksgiving isn’t the Only Time to ‘Try a Little Bit of Everything’

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Ricoh savin mfp, copiers maryland fiery print controllers

One of the great things about Thanksgiving is the coming together of the dinner table’s best – roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, the list goes on… For most, it is the perfect excuse to indulge, and try a little (or a lot) of everything. You’ve heard us say before that Advance provides “best of breed” products to our customers, but what does that really mean? Equipping an office is not a one size fits all type of business. But the big name manufacturers would like you to think that it is…

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Baltimore nonprofits strive for balance

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My recent travels have brought me to several of our nonprofit clients looking to navigate a tricky world when communicating with potential donors. We have found that many small and mid-sized nonprofits rely on printed materials. Often times, these groups are mailing or distributing information to generate donations and keep their constituents informed on the progress of their mission. Read more »

In architecture, a strong foundation is everything

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wide format printing for architects, building plan printing, large format printing, wide format printing

We work with numerous industries in Maryland and many have felt the pain of the recent recession. All of our lives have been touched by it directly or indirectly. Our wide format group works closely with the Architectural industry and like most things related to development and construction, they have faced brutal competition and conditions. Read more »

But we only like to use HP toner

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This is a question or statement that occasionally comes up with our managed print clients and prospects. When we first started providing our current version of manage print services (MPS), we expected the issue to be a big road block. The servicing and support of HP printers is largely affected by the price and quality of the toner that you put in. When a business has tried to handle their printer support in-house and has experienced poor performance with an alternative or remanufactured toner, the easiest solution was to go back to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

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