Sure you can scan, but what else can you do?

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With the proliferation of digital, multi-functional copiers, businesses are leveraging included scanning technology to improve efficiency in document workflow. No longer is the ability to “scan” enough of a business solution. Companies have now been scanning for years and are currently looking for ways to improve lengthy, time taking processes. Certainly, this is where Advance enters with our electronic document management solutions.

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One of our many solutions is a piece of software from Ricoh/Savin called Personal Paperless Document Manager (PPDM). Ricoh/Savin provides a single license of PPDM with many models of multi-functional devices, at no cost. However, additional licenses can be purchased. PPDM is used to capture, combine, convert, and share documents, regardless of the original format. It is a simple, yet powerful, way to manage typical document types, including paper documents, PDF files and Microsoft Office files. While it is not nearly as robust as a true electronic document management system, it does provide some very useful capabilities.
Some examples include:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Image files, such as PDF files, can be converted to editable Microsoft Office files, like Word or Excel.

Searchable PDF: Typical PDF image files can be converted to a format in which key words can be searched for, from within the document.

Mark Up: Document mark up capabilities include Bates Numbering, Callout Boxes, Notes, Stamps, Highlights, Cross Outs, Headers/Footers, Watermarks, Page Numbering and Redaction.

Merge: Multiple files, including different file types, can be combined into a single PDF file.

Convert to PDF: Files can be converted to PDF, Searchable PDF and Encrypted PDF.

Form Creation: Paper forms can be converted to “fillable” PDF files. In addition, data from filled PDF files and printed forms can be extracted and entered into spreadsheet format.

However, these capabilities are simply a means to improve document workflow. The experts at Advance can sit down with you to understand your requirements and challenges; we will analyze your business processes, and then recommend a solution that delivers superior results, reliability and ROI.

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